Autographed Copy- A Mother's Diary

Autographed Copy- A Mother's Diary

Get your personalized, autographed copy of my Amazon Best Selling book, A Mother's Diary


*Although this book was written by mothers for daughters this book is EXTREMELY powerful and has impactful stories and lessons for men, women, boys, and girls.  A must read by all!!




Even when mothers and daughters love each other very much, the teenage years can be a trial of miscommunication and hurt.
Daughters feel like no one can understand what they’re going through, while mothers desperately try to impart the wisdom they have gained from their own experiences—and yet, all too often, both end up talking past the other.


In this anthology, twelve other women and I relate stories from our lives about mistakes made and problems overcome. We also address our own daughters and, through them, all others who can benefit from the guidance of experienced mommies.




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