Muffin top..Love handles..Back fat..Pooch..Man boobs..Fupa..Jelly rolls?


Not for much longer...add the Ashfit Shred Vest to your routine and speed up your Shred!


Use SCUBA technology to burn more calories, enhance &  intensify your workouts, tighten and shred your ENTIRE upper body.





For both MEN and WOMEN

Increases Sweat

Helps to burn calories faster



Increases Cardiovascular Endurance

Helps support and protect back

Improves posture

Increases effectiveness of healthy eating and fitness routine

Provides compression

Speeds the warm-up

Targets the biggest trouble areas: pooch, muffin top, love handles, back fat, side or man boobs




Premium Quality 100% Neoprene
Sauna Effect (sweat)
Thermal Waist Trainer
Thick and durable
Small pocket for key, phone etc. (Fits up to Iphone 10+)
Double Stitching for durability
Smooth Zipper
High Quality Velcro
Tear Proof

Make losing weight easier using SCUBA SAUNA technology.  Sweat more & burn more calories FASTER! Plus, the Ashfit Sweat Vest benefits all aspects of a workout. It can be used before a workout, to increase the blood flow and speed up the warm up. During a workout, the neoprene material heats the body, increases sweat, improves cardiovascular endurance.


It features a zip-up fastener and adjustable elastic velcro straps for different levels of compression. As an added bonus, it comes with a hidden pocket for phone, keys, etc.


Color: Black

Material: Neoprene


  • Sizing/Refund policy/Warranty

    All of our Ashfit Solutions Bands and Vests are considered undergarments and for hygiene reasons are nonrefundable, we can not accept returns or exchanges on our products. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to carefully review the sizing chart before ordering. Please order your sweat vest according to your CHEST measurement. For a more snug fit, order a size down.

    THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON UNDERGARMENTS DUE TO HEALTH AND HYGIENE REASONS. If you return these items on your own, you will not be refunded, we cannot accept them.

    There is no warranty on any of our products. The durability of our sweat vests differs from person to person and depends on usage and product care


    Handwash with soap and water and hang dry only!  

  • Out of Stock

    If the size you need is out of stock, please email with the size needed as well as your name and mailing address.

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